Is your small business getting the most from its existing tech stack?
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Is your small business getting the most from its existing tech stack?

A tech stack is the combination of tools and platforms that keeps your business running smoothly. Everything from your phone system and CRM to your internal communication platform and your cloud storage system is included. 

Imagine one of these tools were to be out of operation, how badly impacted would your business be during the downtime? If the consequences would be significant, then that particular tool is an especially vital part of your tech stack.  

No two businesses will ever have the exact same tech stack and different companies rely on different tools to function each day. But how can you tell if your existing tech stack is effectively supporting your business and when is it time to look for improvements? 

The importance of getting your tech stack right

With the right tools, software, apps and platforms in place, you can give your business the foundation it needs to thrive. Get the tech stack right and you’ll find you benefit in both the short and long-term.  


One of the most obvious benefits you’ll enjoy is how much time is saved. No matter the task or process, the right tech stack enables your team to work quickly and efficiently. You can remove awkward bottlenecks that would otherwise slow progress. The quicker you can work, the more agile you are and the easier you’ll find it to adapt to changing market and customer behaviour.  

Any opportunity you have to automate a manual process is one you should seize. Upgrading to modern, cloud-based tools is a simple and easy way to save time. Automated alternatives also significantly reduce human error. So, not only are you working quicker, but your teams are also less likely to have their work affected by mistakes.  


We’ve previously touched on the importance of future proofing your business. It’s difficult to predict how markets may change or what your customers will want from you in the future. Although you can’t know exactly what’s on the horizon, you can take steps to be as prepared as possible.  

That means implementing agile, modern tools that won’t hold your business back should it need to pivot. Evolving projects and situations require a tech stack that’s flexible. The last thing you need during a fast-moving period is an outdated app or process that isn’t up to the task.  

How to audit your existing business tech stack

The most successful businesses harness a number of different tools and platforms to accomplish their business needs. Whether you’re a small start-up or you’ve gone through a period of growth, you should be working with a tech stack that’s going to fit your specific business requirements.  

To audit your tech stack, you first need to map out your business goals. What are you trying to achieve this month? This quarter? This year? Having a clear understanding of where you hope your business is heading is an important starting point.  

Once you’ve outlined your short and long-term hopes and aims, you can compare your tech stack against them. Are they equipped to deal with your goals? Are there obvious drawbacks of existing tools that could harm growth in the future? If you do start to hit your short-term goals, are the tools you’re using ready to scale upwards with your business? 

It’s worth keeping an eye on what other companies are doing. You can even go as far as to ask other business owners about their specific setup. If they’re not a direct competitor, then they may offer valuable insight that can give you a push in the right direction.  

As with many of your other small business tasks, this isn’t a one-and-done process. The most effective way of approaching your tech stack is one of constant improvement. You should always be looking for opportunities to update and upgrade your setup. Just because something is working for you at this moment, it doesn’t mean that it always will.  

We know that managing a business is a 24/7 task and it can be difficult to find time for issues that don’t need your attention right at that moment. However, by putting aside some time to work on your tech stack, you can ensure you’re getting the absolute most from it.  

Find the right phone system for your business

A key part of any successful business’ setup is their phone system. With the right phone system in place, your team can easily coordinate with suppliers, collaborate with other teams and provide outstanding customer service.  

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