Why it's so important that your tech stack is future proof
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Why it's so important that your tech stack is future proof

When making key business decisions, how far into the future do you consider? It can be tempting to prioritise positive short-term impact over more long-term implications. This type of thinking can often be short-sighted and can lead to two-year cycles of change that cost more time and resources in the long run.  

Predicting the future is no easy feat but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t factor more long-term thinking into your decisions. This includes the systems and software you rely on each day. By building a tech stack that’s ready for anything, you can give your business the foundation it needs to drive growth no matter what comes next.  

What is future proofing?

It’s a term you might be hearing more and more but what actually is future proofing? 

Future proofing refers to the process of anticipating future events and utilising products, services or systems that are specifically designed to minimise the possible negative effects of future events.  

Basically, it’s a kind of way to insure your business against whatever is over the horizon. You take into account how your specific industry and its relevant markets may develop and choose systems that are best suited to cope.  

Why should you future proof your tech stack? 

No one could have predicted the global pandemic and the impact it had on businesses of all sizes. In most cases, the businesses that navigated the unprecedented period most successfully were the ones who could adapt and evolve quickly.  

Some traditional businesses, who often relied on outdated processes and systems, found the transition to be an awkward and often slow one. Take the initial forced move to remote working, for example. The more a company used modern, cloud-based technology, the easier their teams found it to continue to collaborate and work effectively.  

Although we can’t predict the future, it’s certainly better to be in a place where you can quickly pivot and adapt. Whether it’s a shift in customer behaviour, a new market to explore or a new social platform to use, your business will find it easier to thrive if it’s prepared for anything.  

Future-proofing your tech stack

When choosing new systems or designing processes, it’s important to approach it with this agile mentality in mind. You never know how your business might need to evolve in order to meet with changing customer demands.  

For example, if you haven’t already, it’s the perfect time for your business to truly embrace going digital. Today’s customers are more connected and digitally savvy than ever before and expect to be able to engage with brands on their terms.  

Video content, AI chatbots and personalised shopping experiences are just some of the trends on the rise at the moment. Are you prepared for how customers will want to shop in 2023, or 2025, or 2030? 

Consider your current approach to sales, marketing and the processes that your business relies on each day. Are you already noticing a decline in some areas that used to be prevalent? Take your social media, for example. In the grand scheme of things, Facebook is still a relatively new addition to our marketing portfolios but we’re already seeing it be replaced by Instagram and TikTok.  

It’s this ever-changing landscape that future proofing prepares you for. With the right systems and software in place, you can adapt at a moment’s notice because you aren’t held back by something that’s quickly becoming obsolete.  

Updating half your tech stack every couple of years to try and play catch up isn’t a sustainable approach. You’ll pay more in the long-term and you’ll find you’re only at the forefront of innovation for five minutes before the cycle begins again.  

The most effective strategy is to choose systems that are ever evolving to keep up with the latest trends. A system that’s constantly being updated and improved can quickly shift to meet the challenges that your business faces. You’ll find that even as you grow, a future proofed system can scale alongside you and support whatever long-term goals you have in place.  

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