What is call analytics and how can it help you sell more?
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What is call analytics and how can it help you sell more?

If you’re unfamiliar, here’s a quick outline of call analytics.  

Call analytics is the means of collecting data about the calls made in and out of a business. It includes the number of calls made, taken, missed or ones that go to voicemail. Call analytics also give you data on the call maker or receiver. 

It’s included with CircleLoop at no extra cost and is a feature that provides vital call data that you and your team can harness to improve performance and drive growth. Let’s look at how call analytics works within CircleLoop and the impact it can have on your business.  

What is call analytics? 

We’re used to all kinds of useful dashboards and data sets that tell us how our business is performing. From social media followers and monthly sales to email clickthrough rates, there is so much valuable information that you can harness to give you the edge over your competitors.  

CircleLoop automatically logs and reports call activity across your entire team. This data allows you to identify your most prolific users, most dialled numbers, missed call patterns and overall team performance.  

You gain access to our call analysis as soon as you get your account and at no extra charge. Call data analytics can be accessed directly in CircleLoop for all customers, even if you’re using one of our powerful tool integrations. 


How can you utilise this data? 

Having an overview of your contact centre call activity is essential to keeping it running smoothly. Spotting your top performers, or the people struggling but still trying to make calls, can help you spread work out more effectively across your team.  

Use call centre data analysis to improve your call quality, and couple it with our call recording to train your team. You'll see just how hard your remote teams are working too, with a complete overview of all their call data at your fingertips. 

No matter your sector or industry, anything that can give you the edge over the competition is worth pursuing. Customer service is something that’s often overlooked by businesses that are searching for ways to improve. However, by investing in better external communications and by taking the time to identify any issues, you can ensure you’re giving the best possible service.  


How the analytics platform works 

At CircleLoop, we’ve developed several integrations so you can add a phone system to your existing tools. Add call recording, our analytics platform, click to call and more to your tools. All integrations are available at no extra charge. 

Make your CRM platform work even harder, so you never lose a lead again, or keep track of every invoice with our accountancy integrations. 

Analytics gives you a top-down view of every call that’s made to or from a CircleLoop number, even if it’s through your other platforms. 


Ready for a closer look? 

You can get started with CircleLoop now by signing up to our free trial. During the trial everything is completely free of charge, and you can add numbers, make calls and set up the rest of your team to see if it’s the right system for you.  

Click the link below now to sign up.  

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