Is it time to choose a new enterprise phone system?
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Is it time to choose a new enterprise phone system?

We understand how much of a pain it can be to update to new systems and processes. The larger your organisation, the more complicated it can be to move everyone from one tool to the next.  

However, if you’re persisting with an outdated system just because of the hassle of swapping to a new one, then you could be doing some harm to your business.  

Here are the signs you should be looking for that show it’s time for you to move to a new phone system.  

You’re paying too much 

The most obvious sign that it’s time for an upgrade is the monthly bill. If it’s rising or it’s unpredictable, then changing to a new cloud-based phone system is an easy fix. Similarly, if you’re locked into a long-term contract that isn’t right for you, then you’re throwing money away on a service that isn’t up to scratch.  

If you’re using a legacy system, then some of the savings you can make by switching are instantaneous. By using your existing broadband, rather than expensive hardware and wiring, you can cut costs and invest resources in other areas of your enterprise.  

The system you’re using can’t support remote workers 

Hybrid working is here to stay. Enterprises all over the world have had to make some adjustments to support the new normal. The number of employees working from home continues to grow and if your business is to avoid falling behind its competitors, you need to ensure you’re ready.  

If your employees need to make and receive lots of calls remotely, then an outdated system just won’t be able to cope. If you want to add a phone line that isn’t connected to an office phone, your legacy phone system will hold you back. If an employee is moving locations, they can’t just easily move their phone number with them.  

Cloud-based phone systems are scalable and can be used anywhere and by anyone, giving your remote workers the tools they need to work productively.  

You’re missing out on important features 

Your business could be perfectly satisfied with the features available via your current phone system. It does the job of making and receiving calls and that’s what’s most important.  

This is a limited view and you could be missing out on key features that staff would love to be able to utilise.  Features that come with cloud telephony can take productivity to the next level. It’s not just about the phone calls themselves, but also about everything that happens around them.  

  • Who answers customer calls? 
  • Are calls routed based on customer type, issue and purpose, or does it end up with anyone that’s available? 
  • Do customers queue for a long time before they speak to someone? 
  • Can you monitor call quality? 
  • Do employees need to manually transcribe voicemails they receive? 

The best phone systems are always adding new features and functionality to improve things for the staff that use them.  

Your business is expanding but your phone system can’t keep up  

As your enterprise expands, you need to ensure that all the systems you have in place are scalable and ready to support this growth. If it’s complicated or expensive to make sure that the phones are still switched on at new locations or for new staff, then you might have a problem.  

Any system that delays growth, or halts it altogether, isn’t worth your time. Remember, you should always be thinking long-term when it comes to your tech stack. If you experienced sudden growth or a fast expansion in a new market, would your phone system be able to cope? 

It’s time for something better 

Switching to a new phone system doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. With help from our experts, you can get started seamlessly and ensure that your new phone system is fully integrated with all of the other tools your business relies on.  

For a closer look at our cloud-based phone system, you can sign up to a free trial here.  

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Or, if you’d like to see how we’ve helped other enterprises like yours, you can browse our case studies for an idea of how everything works and the benefits of making the change. View testimonials from businesses like yours by clicking here.  

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