How your business can go the extra mile for customers in 2023
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How your business can go the extra mile for customers in 2023

Are you doing the absolute most for your customers to ensure they spend with you time and time again? It’s often easy to focus on new sales so we forget to give existing customers the love and attention that’ll convert them from one-time shoppers into loyal brand advocates. Here’s how your business can delight its existing customers in 2023.  

Why delighting customers needs to be top of your to-do list

When we talk about ‘delighting’ a customer it’s more than just doing a very good job for them. In fact, this blog will focus on what happens after someone has parted with their hard-earned cash with your business.  

One of the most important, and often overlooked, parts of the buyer’s journey comes right at the very end. Just because you’ve completed a sale, it doesn’t mean the hard work is over. By going the extra mile at this late stage, you’re more likely to encourage someone to buy from you again.  

Your goal should be to create and maintain such a positive impression that customers become your growing team of marketers. They’ll go out and spread the word on social media and to their friends and you’ll see the benefits in the long-term.  

How to delight your customers

  • Always be accessible and offer instant support 
  • Don’t forget about them!
  • Avoid preferential treatment for new customers
  • Listen to and implement feedback 
  • Create post-sale resources 

Always be accessible and offer instant support 

Whether their issue is big or small, your customers want to feel as though they are always your top priority. Even if a problem can’t be dealt with right away, it's important to let someone know that your team is working on it, and they’ve been heard. 

To be as flexible and reliable as possible when it comes to customer service, ensure you’re using the right tools. A powerful cloud-based phone system, like CircleLoop, gives you the foundation your team needs to resolve issues before they can escalate. Customers are easily directed to the right people at the right time and they’re more likely to have a positive experience.  

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Don’t forget about them!  

It seems so simple to say but it’s a mistake that many small businesses make. If you’ve spent time and energy cultivating a relationship with a customer, then it’s vital you continue to work at it even after they’ve made their purchase.  

Regular communication shows you value their custom and you’re still thinking about them. With the rise of personalisation and how important it is for each consumer to feel as an individual rather than a group, it’s an easy thing you can do to get the edge over your competition.  

Simple emails at certain milestones or even a quick phone call will show a customer that you’re a business that values outstanding customer service.  

Avoid preferential treatment for new customers 

We’ve all seen adverts and marketing emails that shout loudest when it comes to deals and special offers for new customers. Although it’s important to drive new customers to your business, you run the risk of alienating loyal customers who’ve already supported you. If they feel as though they aren’t valued, they’ll just take their business elsewhere, so it’s important to get the balance right.  

Create incentives and discounts that are directed solely at customers who’ve spent their time and money with you. A rewards program or loyalty bonus is a great way to keep people coming back in the future.  

Listen to and implement customer feedback 

It’s always useful to learn how your target audience is feeling about your products, services and business in general. Your existing customer base represents a vast library of useful feedback that you can tap into so that you can improve in the future.  

Reach out to existing customers and ask them what they liked about their experience with you, and what they didn’t. This is more than just asking for a five-star score on a review platform. Ask probing questions and get to the bottom of how they’re feeling. There are always areas you can improve on, and customers will appreciate that their opinion is valued.  

Create post-sale resources  

Your website is probably filled with blogs, testimonials and other resources that are designed to convince someone to choose your business. But how many resources do you have available that support and educate shoppers once they’ve made their purchase? 

Troubleshooting guides, video demonstrations, how-to tutorials and new feature updates are just some examples of content you can create that are targeted directly at existing customers. Include them in targeted emails or social posts and show that you’re a business that’s willing to go the extra mile for its customers – even after they’ve bought from you.