5G is in! How private 5G networks could improve your business
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5G is in! How private 5G networks could improve your business

5G  deployment is now well under way and promises significant connection upgrades. Smart businesses are seizing the opportunity presented by the fifth generation of mobile internet technology in order to benefit from increased speed and decreased delay for all users in the near future.

Businesses are already partnering with telecom firms to develop commercial private 5G networks for the UK market, so what opportunities and challenges will present themselves once a widespread rollout begins?

The emergence of private 5G networks

In order to gain a competitive edge, 7 out of 10 UK businesses are currently utilising 5G or are preparing to do so. Despite the fact that 5G technology is still in its infancy, its enormous potential for business has already been recognised. Business executives find it extremely enticing to not have to rely on WiFi alone to maintain optimal connection.

Could this indicate that WiFi has finally found its rival? Absolutely. Compared to WiFi, private 5G can provide enterprises with far more flexibility in how they organise and distribute their networks. Businesses may tailor their network to suit their needs since connection is more adjustable and security rules can be created and controlled internally.

It's still doubtful that the introduction of private 5G networks would replace cable access for enterprises, even though WiFi may finally face some competition. Given the amount of money that has been invested in it over the years, I believe this will always be the backbone of reliable communication in the UK.

The pros and cons for businesses

Although connectivity won't disappear, private 5G networks will likely outperform WiFi. Businesses have the option to seek elsewhere, and 5G networks may be the answer for those who have never felt their WiFi was giving them precisely what they wanted.

Businesses who don't have a separate office or that are located in remote areas will find private 5G networks to be very helpful. To fulfil the increased needs of data-hungry services and apps, a corporation that typically operates analytics, communications, and IoT will need 5G. Thanks to the use of 5G, unified communications including phone calling, chat, video, and screen sharing will see significant speed increases.

SMEs should think about switching to a cloud-based phone system if they want to boost their business communication in addition to their internet access with 5G. The advantages of 5G perfectly match the needs of cloud-based applications and significantly boost their functionality. For individuals who are thinking about making the transfer to a private 5G network in the future, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) investment is a flexible and affordable substitute for traditional phone systems that rely on a landline.

While private 5G networks provide SMEs a number of advantages, there are concerns that companies should be aware of. Businesses will need to have the finest security solutions in place when the widespread adoption of these networks begins in order to deter cybercriminals trying to profit. There should be firewalls, VPNs, malware software, and more in place, and technical employees will need adequate training in 5G technologies.

Are you prepared for the 5G revolution in business?

TECHnalysis Research reported that 78% of respondents planning to deploy a private 5G network said they would like to partner with telcos. This is second to the 81% of respondents that said they would like to partner with cloud computing providers.

Future partnerships are undoubtedly a way to advance in this field, according to the stats. Working with a tech-savvy partner that can provide the right advice and guidance on implementation will be important for businesses looking to leverage the benefits of 5G.

With 5G connections predicted to surpass 1 billion in 2022 and 2 billion by 2025, there’s a massive opportunity for business growth, especially for those early-adopters of private 5G networks.

A new era is dawning and as 5G advances, many businesses are getting ahead of the curve and investing heavily in this new technology. The question is; how ready is your company for the 5G revolution?