Finding the perfect phone system for your non-profit
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Finding the perfect phone system for your non-profit

If you’re part of a charity or non-profit organisation, then you know how frustrating it can be when inadequate systems prevent you from focusing on what’s most important. No matter the area of speciality for your charity, you should be harnessing a reliable phone system that’s going to give your team the foundation it needs to provide help.  

When it comes to finding a phone system for your non-profit, here’s what you should keep in mind.  

Fast start-up so you can reach those in need quickly  

With CircleLoop, everything just works instantly. We understand how valuable it is for a charity or non-profit organisation to be able to work quickly. 

You’ll have access to a full feature phone system within minutes of signing up. All you must do is download our powerful apps for desktop and mobile and you’re good to go.  

You’ll have instant access to every feature, from call recording to call analytics too, at no extra charge. It’s all self-service, so you don’t need to spend time waiting for engineers and hardware installation. There are no contract ties either, so you’re always in complete control. 

Customisable options to ensure someone is always available 

You never know when the next important call might arrive. If it’s in the middle of the night, you need a phone system in place that’s going to ensure that call is answered.  

With CircleLoop, you’re able to set the days and times you’re available to speak to people or route calls to another team member out of hours. Customise your voicemail options to relay information and keep supporters informed outside of working hours. 

We know how vital it is for your supporters, users and fundraisers to be reachable - and we can make that happen. Our international numbers make this possible around the world too. 

Separate menus and voicemail options for each team 

Charities and non-profits deal with a wide range of different tasks and challenges. From university admissions and student services to charities offering advice lines, each organisation has its own wants and needs for a phone system.  

Set up teams, departments and route inbound calls to the right people on CircleLoop, so it doesn’t matter whether your phone system is public facing or internal.  

Powerful and customisable menus make sure your callers talk to the right member of your team without delay. 

How CircleLoop is already supporting non-profits 

We have case studies available to give you a closer look at how CircleLoop is already helping non-profits like yours.  

For example, Isolation Help Bexley (IHB) needed a phone system that could handle high call volumes, be cost effective, be easy to use and implemented across the army of volunteers. They provided practical help to many hundreds of elderly or vulnerable neighbours who struggled during the pandemic due to their lack of digital footprint. 

CircleLoop was a fantastic success for IHB who found the system easy to use:  

"Setting up and training the volunteers to use CircleLoop was simple, now they just login and use it, no complaints!"  

As IHB is run by volunteers they needed a low maintenance phone system and that’s exactly what they got. The CircleLoop interface is designed to be simple and has proved popular with all volunteers. 

Outstanding customer service to ensure you’re always online 

Your phone system should be reliable and easy to maintain. The last thing you need is calls that drop or poor-quality connections so it’s difficult to tell what someone is saying. CircleLoop’s customer service team are on hand to answer any questions you might have and ensure the powerful app is always working hard for you.  

The volunteers at IHB were thrilled with the customer service they received from the CircleLoop team:  

“I rate the customer success team 6/5 couldn’t have been more impressed with the service we received, especially in the early days because even though it was provided to us for 3 months we were still treated like paying customers. 

The customer success team seems like an interactive team that are actually interested in the success of CircleLoop, unlike a large corporation where they take your money and run." 

If you have any questions about how CircleLoop can work for your charity or non-profit, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Alternatively, you can get started right away with a free trial.  

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