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The Co-Working Index

Where in the world is the best city to co-work post-Covid?

No one can deny that the 2020 pandemic has had a lasting impact on the way that companies work for good. From flexible working hours to work from anywhere policies and the advances in video conferencing technology, arranging team and client conference calls from anywhere in the world has never been easier.

As part of remote working, completing your workday from coworking spaces is a concept that businesses are taking advantage of more than ever before.

So where in the world is leading the way for the workforce of the future?

We’ve analysed 90 cities around the world on the number of co-working spaces and the average cost of a hot desk to reveal which cities are leading the way when it comes to the growing popularity of coworking spaces.


Leading global financial hotspots provide the most co-working spaces

1. London, United Kingdom - 313 spaces

2. New York City, United States - 229 spaces

3. Hong Kong, China - 116 spaces

Connecting Europe to Northern America, London has the most co-working spaces of the 90 countries studied, with 313 spaces in total, placing it at the top of our list. 

In second place is one of the cultural and financial hubs of the United States, with New York City allowing workers to choose from 229 co-working spaces to work from. Finally, a central business hub to connect the Asian peninsula with the United States and Europe is Hong Kong with 166 co-working spaces to choose from.

05-The-most-co-working-spacesSouth America has the cheapest average cost of a desk per month

If your company allows you to work from anywhere in the world, or you’re travelling for business and need an office space to work for a while, the cheapest city in the world to co-work from for a month is Buenos Aires, Argentina, for £36.59. Coming in second is New Delhi in India, where you can pay for a desk per month for only £56.90, and in third, Istanbul (Turkey) for only a little more at £58.71.


Liechtenstein has the most expensive average cost of a desk per month

On the other hand, if you can afford to splash the cash a little on your workspaces, Vaduz in Liechtenstein has the most expensive average cost of a desk out of all of the countries we analysed at a whopping £464.31 per month!


WeWork is the most searched for coworking brand with over 4 million annual global searches

When looking at the coworking brands leading the way as the most popular online, WeWork, WorkSpace and MindSpace top the list of most searched for brands.



Using 90 cities from the Global Financial Centres Index for which data was available, we used CoWorker to determine the number of co-working spaces in each city and the average cost of a hot desk per month. 

The cost of a hot desk was taken in each city’s native currency and converted into Pound Sterling. All conversions correct as of 16th April 2021.