Smart Feature of the Week: Simple Call Transfer
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Smart Feature of the Week: Simple Call Transfer

We’ve all been there...

You answer a call and they ask for your colleague. So now you have two choices:

  1. Note down the caller’s details and pass on the message. Not a bad solution, but a bit clunky, a waste of precious time on everybody’s part and potentially unprofessional, too. “She’ll call you back” (she won’t).

  2. Transfer the call. Eeek. Which combination of symbols and numbers is it, again? Star-hash-99-702? No, that’s not it. Hash-99-star-702? Nope. Agh. “Sorry, I won’t be a moment”. Oh wait… they’ve gone. sigh

Nobody wants a phone system that requires a degree in astrophysics to operate. So why are we still using these horrible, clunky handsets?


The CircleLoop solution

CircleLoop is a powerful, cloud-based phone system designed for the way that modern businesses work. And this cloud technology opens up a whole new world of flexibility, productivity, professionalism and cost-savings for businesses.

CircleLoop runs in apps that work on your computer system and smartphone giving you instant access to your phone numbers (and your colleagues’ phone numbers) with no desk-phones, no phone lines and no horrible button combinations to push in order to perform the most simple of tasks.


Now, let’s replay the above scenario with CircleLoop...

You answer a call and they ask for your colleague. This time you only need one option:

  1. Transfer the call. Click on the transfer icon in the CircleLoop app and select your colleague’s name from the list. Now, you can have a quick chat with your colleague to introduce the transfer, or simply transfer the call instantly. Job done.

In today’s competitive, crowded and multi-channel world, delivering a cutting edge in your customer service can be the difference between leader of the pack, or the also-ran.

Don’t be the also-ran. Please. Start your free trial of CircleLoop today.