Establish A Local Presence From Anywhere With CircleLoop
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Establish A Local Presence From Anywhere With CircleLoop

Despite advances in other communications technologies, the art of the phone call remains a firm favourite with modern businesses large and small. Agreeing deals, striking-up partnerships, customer services, negotiations, account management and so many crucial aspects of day to day business are still made easier and quicker by picking up the phone.

Whilst other technologies have advanced at pace like email, chat tools and messenger systems, phone systems on the other hand have evolved much more slowly.

Until now, that is.

CircleLoop is a powerful, cloud-based phone system designed for the way that modern businesses work. And this cloud technology, coupled with anywhere virtual numbering opens up a whole new world of flexibility, productivity, professionalism and cost-savings for businesses.


Smart Feature: Establish a local presence instantly.

Want to give the illusion of a New York office? No problem.

CircleLoop provides businesses with the ability to select phone numbers from any geographical area in the UK and internationally. This allows you to establish an instant local presence anywhere in the world, within a couple of clicks.

For example, if you're based in Manchester, but make frequent calls to customers in Birmingham, you can instantly add a 0121 number to your CircleLoop phone system. Then, when you make calls to your Birmingham clients, the number they see is your local number.

So now you can make your phone call - whether it be to a prospect, customer, supplier or partner, and appear as if you're calling from a local number


Why is this a benefit?

The simple fact is that people still like to buy “local”, so they’re much more likely to answer a call from a local dialling code. Calls from local numbers can often feel more relevant, more important, so recipients are more inclined to pick up the phone, helping you to establish more contacts.

CircleLoop’s next-generation technology allows you to appear that you’re calling from your local branch, even if you don’t actually have a physical location there. And what’s more there are no provisioning times. You need a local number for London, Manchester, New York? No problem - simply choose your number in CircleLoop’s powerful apps, and it’s live instantly!


Feeling inspired?

The ability to appear local may be something you've never considered before, or perhaps you didn’t realise it was possible without going to the hassle and expense of a physical location, or a new phone line installation.

Anywhere numbering is just one of the raft of smart features that CircleLoop delivers for businesses just like yours. In fact, we’ve already helped 1000s of businesses to kill the desk-phone, improve flexibility, increase productivity and reduce costs.

If you’d like to take your business communications to the next level, you can try CircleLoop completely free of charge at