NEW CircleLoop Native Dialler INSIDE HubSpot
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NEW CircleLoop Native Dialler INSIDE HubSpot

We've been working closely with HubSpot's technical team in Boston over the last few months, developing a significant improvement to the CircleLoop-HubSpot integration. And today we're very pleased to announce this new update is ready to launch.
This fantastic update went live on Wednesday 12th June 2019 at 17:30 (BST).
Native Dialler

Our latest development puts your CircleLoop dialler natively inside HubSpot, so now you no longer need to toggle the CircleLoop desktop app when placing outbound calls.

Call Notes

The update also means you can take call notes during, and immediately following a call, rather than editing your notes in the HubSpot Calls tab afterwards.



You don't need to change any settings, it'll switch over automatically and you'll be able to use the new dialler immediately. Please note that you will still need to have the CircleLoop desktop app open and logged-in on your system in order to use our new dialler.

When you click the Call button in HubSpot and the new dialler loads, you'll be asked to login (using your CircleLoop credentials) and then sync it with your desktop app.



What's next?

We're now working with HubSpot to get your inbound calls to behave in the same way. There's a bit of engineering work on HubSpot's side to make this happen, but they're on the case and we hope to have an update soon.

About CircleLoop

Since 2016 we’ve been building the world’s most powerful and flexible business phone system. CircleLoop runs in simple cloud-based apps rather than being reliant on cables, clunky hardware and complicated connections. It works with the tools you already use (including HubSpot, Zoho and Slack) and it's completely self-service with set up taking just a few minutes.