How to record a business phone call (iPhone, Android, Mac & Windows)
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How to record a business phone call (iPhone, Android, Mac & Windows)

When on a business call with a client or colleague, there is a high likelihood that someone is taking notes to remember the crucial points of the discussion. In some cases, note-taking can be a distraction in itself; you may find yourself unable to keep up with the conversation. 

VoIP call recording lets you reliably record both sides of a telephone conversation.

What is VoIP call recording?

VoIP call recording is a safe and secure method of recording incoming and outgoing phone conversation audio files in the cloud. After the call has been recorded, it is possible to go back and play it as many times as necessary. These conversations should be available for playback as soon as the recording session has ended. Since it's saved to the cloud, the recordings will always be easy to locate. This process is simple for the user that allows them sophisticated technology to back it up.

Desktop and mobile cloud-based call recording apps 

CircleLoop offers professional call recording across Mac & Windows desktop apps as well as iOS & Android smartphone apps. This feature means that it doesn't matter where one is working; the call recording will also work. The client will receive access to all our features when the team has signed up and downloaded our app.

What are the benefits of call recording?

A call recording solution works in a number of scenarios, for example, if you want to listen to the perfect sales call and share it with others. Perhaps you want to monitor and evaluate your staff's customer service interactions and do not have a process in place to handle it. There are many reasons why a business would want to record all inbound calls and outgoing calls. 

Here are some of the reasons why businesses use Voice over IP call recording

  • Quality Assurance of support, sales, and service teams.
  • Lower legal risks in getting verbal commitments.
  • Enhanced accountability of conferences, meetings, and conversations.
  • Official documentation of essential discussions that can be reviewed later.
  • Respond to complaints with confidence and ease.

Additionally, call recording will ensure that your company complies with legal and industry-specific legislation and help you resolve disputes.  

CircleLoop's call recording works as follows:

The call recording feature enables the caller to record calls either for the individual user or for all users in the account. This feature has to be enabled either by the individual or the account admin, who can turn it on and off for all users.

The recording automation can't be enabled mid-call, it has to be before a call has been made. Once the call is over an MP3 download of the recorded calls is made available to the user. It is not possible to get historic recordings for calls that took place before this option was enabled.

With call recording turned on the call recordings are stored with Circleloop for up to 12 months before being discarded.

How to record a business phone call

The below guide will help you record calls with CircleLoop and show you how to playback or download the calls.

1. User Call Recording

This is for the everyday use of an employee or staff member.

1. Click on Settings.
2. Click on the "Calls" menu option.
3. Scroll down to Call recording and turn it on.

2. Entire Account Call Recording

If you are the Administrator or an account owner, you can enable recording for all users linked to your account.

1. Click on the Settings menu.
2. In the Administrator section of the Settings menu, click on the Privacy menu option.
3. Turn on "Call recording".
4. You can then click "Select users to record" to specify which calls to record.

Can a business record phone calls?

Recording of phone calls can be done by a business for a number of reasons. The most important of them all being the ability to log and track client communications; another being a measure for quality control.

Learning how to use call recording for business phones with CircleLoop is as simple as downloading the app and following the basic steps to set up call recording. This convenience, along with a host of other features and integrations, makes CircleLoop a powerful tool for businesses of any size looking for a phone system for their company or team.