How Does CircleLoop Work When You're On The Move?
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How Does CircleLoop Work When You're On The Move?

CircleLoop is a cloud-based business phone system, designed to help businesses look more professional, save time, get more done and save money versus the usual telephony options.

One of the questions we're asked regularly is how CircleLoop works when you're out and about, or on the move. One of the great benefits of CircleLoop is that - in addition to desktop applications that you can use whilst in the office, we also provide powerful mobile apps.

Our mobile apps (iOS & Android) allow you to take your business phone system with you, wherever you go. You can make and receive calls on your business phone numbers, and manage features, settings, users and numbers wherever you are.

The mobile apps require a mobile data or WiFi connection in order to make and receive calls, but in the event that no data connection is available, you can also specify a back-up number, so you'll never miss a call.



If you'd like to give CircleLoop a go, we offer a completely free 7 day trial at - sign up takes just 2 minutes and you'll be live instantly!