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Free Conference Calling with CircleLoop

If you’re in business, the chances are that at some point you’ll need to arrange a Conference Call, where a number of different people can be bridged into the same phone call.

But generally your traditional business phone system isn’t set up to handle these sort of calls, so you need to sign-up to a separate conferencing system to arrange this. And unfortunately this generates additional cost, hassle, more passwords to remember and software to install.

But we just accept it, because this is the way we’ve always done it, right?

Not any more!

With CircleLoop, every user gets their own unique conference pin to allow group calling. Simply share your pin and dial-in number with your meeting attendees and hey presto! you’re in conference.

What’s more, our conference dial-in number is an 03-prefix number, which means it’s free to call for all CircleLoop users, and costs no more than a local call for your other callers.

So, for just £15 per user, per month you get unlimited UK calls, voicemail transcription, free conferencing and all of CircleLoop’s great features.

Finally, a better business phone system! Start your free trial today at circleloop.com