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CircleLoop - The Challenger Telco

For most small businesses, the century-old method of communicating by telephone is still king.

But for years, we have been under-sold, under-served and under-valued by the big, legacy telecoms providers, foisting old-fashioned, complicated and expensive solutions upon us...

Colleagues carrying two mobile phones around... Staff tied to their desk phones, stuck in the same location each and every day... Long-term service contracts with “bundles” of this and that... The eye-watering costs of constantly buying new handsets and hardware.

So, just over two years ago we set about challenging this ridiculous norm.

We’ve developed a cloud-based "use anywhere" phone system which works using virtual phone numbers in simple, powerful desktop & mobile apps. It’s simply the best way to make and receive calls on your business landline numbers, no matter where you are.

And, what’s more, CircleLoop works using the technology that you and your colleagues already have — smartphones and computer systems. So you don’t need to buy desk-phones, phone lines or even work mobiles anymore.

Just imagine the savings!

System setup and management is completely self-service, adding/ removing new users and numbers is a breeze and everything goes live instantly! So you’re always in control of your entire phone system, whilst simple fixed pricing means you’re always in control of your costs.

So now we no longer have to play by the old rules, meaning your business can save money and become even more flexible, all with no contract ties.

Simply go to circleloop.com, register for your free, no-commitment trial, and see how refreshingly easy it is.