CircleLoop Smart Feature - Caller Greetings & Menus
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CircleLoop Smart Feature - Caller Greetings & Menus

Welcome to CircleLoop. For support press 1, for sales press 2, and for anything else press 3!

Traditionally known as "IVR", CircleLoop now gives you the ability to configure caller greetings and menus for any of your business phone numbers. So now you can completely personalise your callers' experience and route your inbound calls through to whichever team/ department or individual is most appropriate.

You can also create user extensions direct from your main menu, so if your phone system users don't require their own direct-dial, you can assign them a three-digit extension number instead (700-799).

As with everything in CircleLoop, this smart feature is included in your subscription plan. Your greetings and menus can be quickly and easily set-up via your admin panel and any changes you make go live instantly.

Why not start your completely free 7 day trial at and see how easy our powerful technology makes it for you to run your business phone system in the cloud.