CircleLoop Announces Round Of New Integrations | CircleLoop
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CircleLoop Announces Round Of New Integrations | CircleLoop


CircleLoop understand that integrations are valued by many of our users, therefore we are always reaching out to find the best new integration partners and listening to your recommendations on the integrations you would like to see. 
This month we have released integrations with Copper, Senta and Gorgias into Beta.
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Cooper is CRM software built specifically for G Suite it seamlessly integrates with every G Suite app. Keep track of all your customer data in one place, build custom pipelines and dashboards to help you keep track of your opportunities and add leads, update deal and more right from your Gmail inbox.


Senta is a Cloud-based one-stop-shop for CRM, marketing, workflow, email automation, secure documents and insights built specifically for use by accountants and bookkeepers.


Gorgias is a helpdesk designed for e-commerce stores. Providing multichannel customer service from a single app.


If you would like to make any suggestions for integrations CircleLoop should look at then please feel free to let us know via Email, FaceBook or Twitter and why not leave us a Trustpilot review.

About CircleLoop

Since 2016 we’ve been building the world’s most powerful and flexible business phone system. CircleLoop runs in simple cloud-based apps rather than being reliant on cables, clunky hardware and complicated connections. It works with the tools you already use (including HubSpot, Zoho and Slack) and it's completely self-service with set up taking just a few minutes.