Are Business Comms ready for Hybrid Working?
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Are Business Comms ready for Hybrid Working?

As we settle into a post-pandemic working world, many companies are beginning to adapt their policies to a hybrid working week - giving employees the choice to split their time between home and the office.

Hybrid working could offer huge benefits for both employers and employees, potentially resulting in healthier, happier and more productive staff, whilst simultaneously saving on costs for employers and employees alike.

However, the success of a hybrid workforce hinges on effective internal and external communication - and it’s also a high-risk area. Below we'll share our top tips to ensure your internal communication stays thriving:


Clear Communication Procedures

With a team that’s split between home and the office, getting used to documenting key procedures and objectives effectively will become the norm. You’ll need a solid communications procedure to ensure that nothing is missed. Create process documents, and make sure to train employees regularly.



Holding meetings online by default is most practical for a hybrid workforce. If those in the office have a face-to-face meeting, and their colleagues are attending remotely, it can create disparity. Leaders can encourage their teams to get into their own flow with meetings. Whether that’s a daily morning catch-up to check in on progress, or a longer meeting at the start and end of the week.


Tech, tools & software

If your team is spread across home and the office, you’ll need a solid set of tools behind you. At a minimum, you’ll need a chat tool, a way to hold meetings, and project management software. You’ll want to consider how the tech will be used. If you often speak to external parties, using a VoIP service can be handy, as it means your team doesn't need a phone at home and can use the same number as they would when working in the office. Certain software, like CircleLoop, has a number of bonus features like call recording and analytics - ideal for training and sales teams. All you need to set it up is an internet connection. Using VoIP software makes your team more agile, which is a must for a hybrid working week.


Human connection

The main difference between working remotely and working from the office is the lack of natural human connection. When working in the office, it’s easy to indulge in a quick chat with a co-worker, whether it’s about work or last night’s TV.

These conversations occur less when working remotely, so it’s important to prioritise human connection during the hybrid week where possible. Whilst offering flexibility is key, try to arrange at least one day per month where all employees are together face-to-face. This could be for a company update or a social setting such as team building or a drinks reception.

If the team is angled more towards remote, try setting aside an hour per week of no meetings where team members can video chat to catch up, outside of work, or even meet for a coffee. This will improve employee engagement and ensure they feel connected to their co-workers.


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