Agency Buzzwords..How not to delight in a changing industry
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Agency Buzzwords..How not to delight in a changing industry

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During March we are releasing our 'Agency Series': A series of six blogs from CircleLoop (and guest bloggers) designed with Agency Customer Delight in mind.

Running alongside this we thought we'd have some fun with the common agency "buzzword" and discuss how it is used like as a comfort blanket in many cases in order to justify an agencies existence in a client's plans, rather than to provide insight.

We've all been on client calls where a colleague is repeating to clients the stats we have already sent them! Or we're taking part in a multi-agency call where the client focus is to speak to each agency, one at a time (meaning you listen to someone from another agency justifying their existence).

The constant in this model are conversations that include words such as "on the same page", "low hanging fruit", "let's get this boxed off on next week's call", "quick wins", "I'll slack you an update later".

Below are a selection of our favourites:

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Customer Delight via team or attribution insight

A 2018 article from Marketing Week discussed how o2 are moving agencies and internal resources together in planning hubs in order to bring a more creative, holistic approach to their marketing.

Would this cut out the buzzword and provide clear insight to plans?

A model that is also currently utilised by several forward-thinking Agencies (to better delight their customers) is to use an attribution tool to give a true indication of channel value on a First, Last and IF click basis (away from Google Analytics or Facebooks own tracking tools to give a true independent view).

The Agency can then offer insight and media buying capabilities themselves.

Is that a good step towards agency customer delight? It opens up agencies to being truly accountable to the fees they charge but, in a world where spend is constantly needing to be justified, this is only a good thing?

It would seem there are plenty of alternatives to the buzzword in order to provide insight to delight customers.

In our next Agency series blog we will look at ways to Build Rapport with Agency Customers over the Phone

Your turn!

What's your favourite agency buzzword that you've heard, found yourself saying or heard a colleague say? Comment below for the chance to win a £30 Amazon Voucher.

*winner announced Friday 22nd March 2019

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