10 Ways CircleLoop Crushes Traditional Phone Systems
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10 Ways CircleLoop Crushes Traditional Phone Systems

CircleLoop is a cloud-based phone system for business that allows users to make and receive calls on any device, anywhere in the world, with a variety of phone numbers. In essence, it’s a more cost-effective, flexible and simple phone system for businesses.

Here are 10 ways CircleLoop crushes traditional phone systems…

1. It’s free to trial

You can trial CircleLoop free of charge for seven days. It takes about 30 seconds to start your free trial, and your business phone system will be ready to make and receive calls instantly!

All you have to do is choose your business phone number by entering your local area code, and then download the free app to your device and voila! You can add more numbers or port in an existing number later, but you’ll be allowed full user privileges, plus 30 minutes of free UK landline and mobile calls. What’s not to like?

2. You’ll be instantly live with your users and numbers

Once your trial period has ended, you can sign up to CircleLoop from just £5 per user per month, which includes all of our great features. You can add team members and phone numbers at the click of a button, and you can also create teams for groups of users or departments within the business, for example the sales team.

3. It works anywhere, on devices you already own

Right@4xCircleLoop works using powerful apps on iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows. You can take your business phone system with you anywhere you go, which means you’ll never miss an important call again.

You can make and receive calls on any device, and the app also provides you with complete call and message activity history, notifications and feature settings.


4. It helps you establish a local presence, wherever you like

CircleLoop allows you to add different local numbers, so if you’re a business that requires various local presences, that’s no problem!

The app also allows you to simply select the phone number you want to dial from and press call. If you want to appear local to your clients in Birmingham, you can ring from a Birmingham number. If you want to appear local to your clients in Glasgow, you can choose to ring from a number with a Glasgow area code. You can also add international phone numbers from over 80 countries at the click of a button.

5. It integrates with the tools you already use

Intergration@4xMoving your phone system to the cloud also means you can integrate your existing communication channels – whether it be CRM, project management or email - with your telecoms.

You can link your account activity to apps such as Slack, integrate with Capsule CRM, Pipedrive or Hubspot for example, or use our WebHook to integrate CircleLoop with your own systems.

6. It puts you in control

CircleLoop runs on a completely self-service basis, meaning no need for IT engineers or call centres. If you want to add a new feature, a new user or a new number, you simply add it via the admin panel in a matter of seconds.

Similarly, you can set your business hours, so that you won’t be disturbed during the times of day or days of the week you’re not working. Your subscription also includes a stack of other great features such as call transfer, call recording, call greetings, menus and personalised voicemail, all instantly controllable by you in the app.

7. It helps you get more done

Easy integration of CircleLoop with existing systems means that you can get more done. Research shows that a lack of communication and collaboration between employees accounts for a whopping 86% of workplace failures, but with CircleLoop, you can integrate your existing communication systems so that everything is controlled from one central location.  

8. It requires no clunky hardware

As CircleLoop is cloud-based, there’s no need for any equipment such as expensive, clunky desk phones. There’s no need for phone lines or those annoying and unsightly trailing cables. Data is stored in the cloud, and all activity is done over Wifi or mobile networks, so no expensive physical storage or servers are needed.

9. It scales with your business

Scaleswithyourbusiness@4xCircleLoop is fully scalable. You can add users and phone numbers whenever you want. If you open an office or branch in a different city, for example, you can add a local phone number to make and receive calls from.

If your team’s growing, adding new members and users to CircleLoop can be done at the click of a button. Similarly, you can create as many shared numbers as required, for your sales team, your support team and any other team you might have.

10. It saves you money

CircleLoop consolidates all your phone numbers into one simple billing plan. There’s no need for separate contracts with both mobile and fixed providers - you can run all of your business numbers in one place. This flexibility can make all the difference when it comes to healthy cash flow and profit margins.

There’s also no need for you to spend money buying desk phones or additional mobile handsets for employees, as it’s all done via powerful apps. CircleLoop supports modern computer headsets and meeting room speakers and what’s more, we can supply hardware that has been fully tested and integrated with the product.


Why not start your completely free trial today and experience business telecoms how it's meant to be done! Try it now at www.circleloop.com