5 good reasons to make the move to cloud business telephony today
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5 good reasons to make the move to cloud business telephony today

1) Instant set-up & real-time system admin

Gone are the days of ordering a new line, choosing your clunky desk hardware (and waiting for it to arrive), negotiating line rentals, metered minutes, bolt-ons and bundles. Cloud-based telephony helps you to get more done with instant set-up and instant provisioning without the need for engineers or service calls. What's more, with CircleLoop, any changes you make to your phone system (adding users, removing users, adding phone numbers, removing phone numbers) happen instantly, meaning you can scale up and down as required, without being tied-in to a long and tying contract.

2) Completely flexibility

Because, really, what's the point of a desk-phone? It's just a dumb device that sits on your desk with one phone number fixed to it. What use is that, in these modern times? Cloud-based telephony allows you to attach multiple phone numbers (local, national, mobile and international) to a smartphone or computer system. It means you can use those phone numbers wherever you are. Great for appearing professional and great for enabling the flexibility that modern businesses and modern workers crave.

3) Reliability

Legacy phone systems are largely reliant on pretty ancient infrastructure, such as underground cables that have been there for decades. It's little wonder that these traditional phone solutions can be so unreliable. Cloud-based infrastructure provides a much more robust connection with significantly improved uptime. What's more, it's infinitely scalable without digging up the road, or installing more and more hardware to achieve it.

4) Simplicity

Self-serviced, cloud-based phone systems put you in control. If you need to make a change to your phone system, you can do it yourself in a matter of minutes. There's no waiting times or administration charges. At CircleLoop, we've also done away with complex jargon like call plan bundles and confusing pricing. From our sign-up process, to the design of the apps and the no-contract pricing, this is simplicity at its finest, making your life much easier.

5) Cost Savings

The relative efficiency of cloud-based infrastructure means that cloud business phone systems are often a great deal more cost effective than the legacy "on-premise" systems. In fact, CircleLoop costs on average 70% less than a comparable on-premise system, and delivers a whole lot more in terms of productivity and convenience features. So you'll not only be saving on subscription costs, you'll be saving time, too.


CircleLoop is a cloud-based phone system for business. It's completely app-based and works on desktop and mobile apps. Packed with powerful features such as call recording, transcription, analytics and much more! It also integrates seamlessly with CRM products such as HubSpot, Pipedrive and Capsule.

Start your free, no commitment trial at www.circleloop.com